Why cutting calories doesn’t work

KX Health

Calorie-restricted diets don’t work if you want to lose weight permanently. Most people have tried some kind of fad diet, by cutting calories. With over 5,000 diet books to choose from, each claiming the fastest way to success, why isn’t everybody on the same program?


You don’t have to starve yourself, spend hours on the elliptical or punish yourself for hours at the gym. If you eat the right food and supplement the right amount of nutrients for your body, excess fat will shed off your body.


What cutting calories do to your body

Calorie-restricting don’t work in the long run because it disrupts hormones and enzymes. Skipping just one meal, particularly breakfast, will make it more difficult for the body to lose fat. The initial response to a skipped meal is elevation of stress hormone, cortisol, then the body releases glycogen from the liver to raise your blood sugar. The body thinks you’re in famine, constantly fighting between low and high blood sugar, stressing the body.


Carbohydrate Intake

Most importantly, eating too much carbohydrate for your metabolic type can also disrupt hormonal balances. Your body releases insulin to lower blood-sugar levels. Skipping meals, cutting calories or not eating the right food for your body type will cause the body to think you’re in famine, causing your body to store as much energy as possible. Exercise keeps muscles sensitive to insulin, since active muscles use sugar for energy.


At KX, we use Metabolic Analysis to determine 12 sites where you store your fat. Storing fat in the middle of your body indicates that you’ve become insulin resistant. This could be the result of dieting, lack of exercise, or eating too many carbohydrates for your body type. Eating the wrong food for your body will leave you tired and bloated. Our body requires vital nutrients to keep the body living. Register here to health consultation. Limited spots available.

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