About KX Coffee & Wine Bar

Welcome to KX Coffee and Wine Bar, a space that mirrors the lifestyle essence of our 12 Week Programs.

Natural Extension: Seamlessly integrating with our lifestyle programs, the Coffee and Wine Bar is where you can enjoy a post-workout coffee or wind down with a glass of biodynamic wine. Every experience aligns with the ethos of our 12 Week Programs.

Beyond the Cup: Our thoughtful coffee program that goes beyond the conventional. Indulge in our drinks knowing each offering is a conscious choice in promoting well-being. We use Rufino Coffee, a local supplier and all our organic milk is sourced from Natrel and Greenhouse Almond and Oat NutMilk.

Beyond the Glass: We proudly source wines from around the world, prioritizing biodynamic, natural, and low-intervention varieties. Our commitment extends to all aspects of the menu, including the charcuterie-style offerings that complement the star of the show—the wine.

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