Weight loss – what you are doing wrong

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One thing that makes us happy is when clients, particularly women, are able to differentiate between fat loss and weight loss.

You can be 150lb of lean muscle or 150lb of skinny fat.


Body fat distribution tells a bigger story

There are different types of fat distribution, and different types are associated with certain nutritional or hormonal imbalances. Do you store fat in the belly? You’re probably a stress bucket. On the sides of your body? You could be insulin insensitive or perhaps you may have family history of diabetes. How about in your lower body? You might have trouble detoxifying.

You train to build muscle, increase your strength, improve metabolism and structural balance. You don’t get leaner by shaving off fat in the gym if you eat or drink whatever you want after you leave.

Stop worrying about weight loss and the number on the scale. If your goal is fat loss, then prioritize your training and nutrition around fat loss.


Three foolproof ways to improve body composition

  1. Fix existing chronic issues that contribute to inflammation.

    Fix your heartburn, indigestion, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, somatic pain, recurring injuries and sleep. You will find that your body will recover faster, experience fewer food cravings, and improve digestion, thus improving your motivation to train and eat better.

  2. Nutrition.

    You can’t out-train a poor diet. You can’t train 4 days a week, eat healthy 4 out of 7 days, binge drink on the weekend and expect to see results. Choose high quality, wholesome foods, such as pasture raised meats and organic vegetables. Avoid processed foods and foods that you are intolerant to. If tomatoes give you heartburn, don’t eat tomatoes. Contact our Naturopath to see how a food intolerance test can help you determine your food intolerances.

  3. Choose metabolic resistance training.

    Choose higher intensity and volume to induce a favourable endocrine response to training. Using challenging weights for high repetitions will induce lactic acid, responsible for releasing growth hormone, helping you burn more fat. Full body workouts in a superset, tri-set, or circuit format with non-competing exercises create the biggest metabolic demand. But it must be done in a rep range and intensity that generates lactic acid and pushes the lactic acid threshold.


Stop worrying about weight loss and the numbers on the scale. Improve your body composition by addressing gut health, stress, and chronic aches and pains. By reducing systemic inflammation first, you will speed up your rate of fat loss. Book an appointment with a KX Exercise Coach to see how we can help you manage inflammation, nutrition and create a customized fat loss program for you.


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