Do you suffer from lower back pain?

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Dr. Frank Nhan, Chiropractor, talks about lower back pain and how treatment along with strengthening and stretches can help.


The most common condition, by far, of all the musculoskeletal injuries that I see in my chiropractic practice is lower back pain. Low back pain causing sciatica can be one of the most debilitating of them all. The most common question I get from patients is usually how do I get better? Which is then followed by, how did this happen?


Causes of lower back pain

Many times, people will tell me all they did was bent down to pick up a pen or to put on their socks and threw out their back. How is this even possible? The cause in these cases cannot be attributed simply to just the act prior to the pain onset, but rather, this may merely be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The real culprit is usually a case of repetitive strain injury or a cumulative trauma disorders. This can be from either sitting for prolong periods, or repetitive movements or exercises with poor posture or form. To figure out what exact structures are injured, a full chiropractic examination would have to be done.


Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Stretching and Strengthening for Low Back Pain

At Kx Yorkville, this would include a full health history, physical examination which may include range of motion, neurological and orthopedic testing, along with functional movement screening. Chiropractors are experts in treating all different kinds of lower back pain and sciatica, or what some would describe as sharp shooting leg pain due to a pinched nerve in the back. For those seeking pain relief, effective treatments that I like to include in my treatment plans which have been scientifically proven to help include manual spinal mobilization, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and specific back stretches and exercises. Stretches and exercises can either be very helpful if done properly, or very damaging if the wrong ones are performed. To find out which ones are best suited for your lower back pain, make sure you get diagnosed first, which will then dictate which back stretches and exercises would be most effective for you.


Dr. Frank Nhan



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