Common mistakes for fat loss

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Physical activity is at an all time low, there is an overconsumption of medical drugs, fast and processed foods, and elevated environmental toxicity makes fat loss harder for many people. Here are the common mistakes for fat loss.


    1. Throw your scales away. The scale cannot differentiate between fat and muscle, leading to mistakes such as cutting calories. Cutting calories is generally an unpreferred thing to do as it decreases the number of enzymes in the body that burn fat and increase the number of enzymes that store fat.
    2. Train smarter, not harder. Exercise is an energizing stimulus that triggers the growth and repair response that builds more muscle, increases metabolism and makes you stronger. Exercise should not be draining or causing injuries. Learn more about structural balance here.
    3. Spot reduction doesn’t usually work. Anyone with any basic physiology training understands that crunches cannot burn off the mid-section and will not reduce fat there. Learn more about spot reduction through nutrients here.
    4. Don’t overdo aerobic exercise. Aerobic based training works for some people, but does not work for all. Cardio training risks muscular imbalances and improper mechanics can lead to ankle, knee, hip and spinal injuries. Aerobic training causes the release of glucocorticoids, which are a stress hormone, providing you with the unwanted bulk that may be counterproductive to your goals.
    5. Build muscle. The more muscle one has, the more calorie they burn at rest. Do you like eating food? We sure do.
    6. Get proper programming. The body adapts to any given stimulus very quickly, and for best results, programs should be changed every 4-6 workouts. Learn more about how to overcome a training plateau here.


What to do from here

Achieving optimal body composition takes more than just counting calories in and calories out. At KX Yorkville, we have an holistic approach in health using nutrients, exercise and therapy. Let us help you get to your goal faster. Book a consultation to see how we can help you achieve your health goals.

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