12 Week Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching Program

Transform your health with our 12 Week Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching Program—an exclusive personal training experience tailored just for you. Our program not only focuses on exercise to help you reach your goals but also incorporates bi-weekly Metabolic Analyses to keep your progress on track. We prioritize your individual needs, holding you accountable and making adjustments as necessary.

  • Customized personal training to target fat loss and enhance lean mass
  • Personalized dietary and nutrient guidelines for your unique needs
  • Comprehensive improvements in sleep, digestion, stress, and energy levels

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IV Nutrition Therapy

Our IV therapy treatments are designed to revitalize your body, improve your health, and boost your immune system with essential nutrients. Experience the direct delivery of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your bloodstream for maximum absorption and efficacy.

  • Premium Ingredients: We use only the highest quality ingredients in our IV therapy treatments, sourced from trusted suppliers for optimal results
  • Enhanced Absorption: Replenish essential nutrients more efficiently compared to oral repletion, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness.
  • Customized Care: Experience personalized IV treatment plans and care from our practitioners, committed to helping you achieve your health goals from a proactive approach.
  • Convenience: Choose between mobile or in-house IV therapy infusion services.

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Chiropractic Therapy

Our skilled Chiropractors specialize in personalized care, addressing the root causes of pain and discomfort.

  • Expertise: Our chiropractors provide tailored treatment plans for your specific needs, prioritizing your long-term comfort.
  • Holistic Approach: We address not only immediate discomfort but also underlying issues contributing to your pain.
  • Comprehensive Services: Our offerings range from adjustments to posture correction and health education.

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8 Week Nutrition Program

Achieve your fat loss goals with the exclusive 8 Week Nutrition Program. Tailored for individuals seeking effective weight management without a heavy emphasis on exercise, this program offers a strategic and personalized approach.

Experience a comprehensive transformation by focusing on dietary adjustments, nutritional guidelines, and fostering healthier eating habits. Our expert nutritionists guide you through a tailored plan that prioritizes fat loss, providing the tools and support needed for sustainable results.

Take advantage of our Complimentary Nutrition Consultation offer today.


About Us

Improve your health at KX Yorkville, your top choice for personalized healthcare in Toronto. As your one-stop lifestyle brand, we provide Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, IV Therapy, and Chiropractic Therapy to improve your health. Our 12 Week Exercise & Lifestyle Program ensures measurable results through personalized training and treatment plans.

Discover locally sourced products like pasture-raised meats and non-toxic nutrients at KX Coffee & Wine Bar, aligning with our personal training lifestyle programs.


Michelle M.

“As a busy professional, I need a health establishment that will meet my needs in one stop. KX Yorkville has it all. The coaches are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. They designed and implemented incredible personal training programs that allowed me to achieve my personal goals while being organized and well prepared for every session. The coaches accommodate the clients and meet their individual goals with objective measures. They also offer nutritional consultations for that component of your health management and fat loss. All of these factors were incredibly important to me when I was making my decision on where to pursue my health and fitness goals. I highly recommend the twelve-week transformation program at KX Yorkville. You will not regret your decision to engage their services.”

Stan H.

“I have been to so many gyms & fitness centres around the city & KX Yorkville Probably is one of the best gyms I have ever been! They provide a very clean & nice environment for clients. Everyone is friendly & personal trainers are very knowledgeable & deliver fitness plan based on individual needs! John Mart was my personal trainer for the past year at KX Yorkville. Throughout the course of the program, I was able to achieve my goal & gained a lot of knowledge about fitness training, fat loss, diet & myself! If there’s a goal you would like to achieve in terms of fitness & overall wellness, this is the place I would highly recommend!”

Harvey G.

“Having finally making decision to address my health issues KX Yorkville was the right choice. Following advice and support of team. I have reduced my sugar levels, lost fat, and have put on lean muscle. Being over 70 my overall comment is thank you!”

KX Yorkville
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15:08 25 Jan 24
I have been working out here for a few months now and my trainer (Aidan) has been an amazing coach and has made every session fun yet challenging. He’s always mindful of my injury and is ready to adjust and switch exercises if I am in pain. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and I have seen a massive difference between working out on my own and training with him. I am super excited to continue training with him as I have noticed that I’m getting stronger with each session!I also wanted to leave a review for the chiropractic services, as Eli is super nice and I learnt more from the initial consultation than I have in many sessions elsewhere. He made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, and we were able to address all my issues as well as how his sessions go hand-in-hand with the training. Cant recommend him enough!
Melissa HadleyMelissa Hadley
19:11 09 Dec 23
Sava is the best!
karina bukhanovkarina bukhanov
14:07 07 Dec 23
Superb trainers!! Noticed a big change in how I look and feel. Strongly recommend this gym!
Anna-Marie du PlooyAnna-Marie du Plooy
21:10 05 Dec 23
Have been going to KX Yorkville for almost a year and have been really impressed by the quality of the trainers and the programming. Everyone is very knowledgeable and encouraging and the gym itself is modern and well equipped with a great coffee shop out front. Would highly recommend!
gary miskingary miskin
00:40 05 Dec 23
KX Yorkville has literally saved my life and I am forever grateful. Just over a year ago I was pushing four hundred lbs and hadn’t seen my shvance without standing on a mirror for almost a decade. A friend, fearing I was going to drop dead of a heart attack any second, suggested I stop jamming donuts in my face and hire a trainer at KX. I must admit I was a little confused and slightly aroused when I showed up for my first session- instead of a gym there was a swanky coffee bar with hot chicks in spandex eating charcuterie. I was ushered through a secret door into the gym by the bald yet dashing proprietor. After a thorough assessment where he did his honest best not to vomit, Adriano expertly curated for me a workout, diet and supplement regimen which I have religiously follow for the last 15 months. The end result is nothing short of remarkable: my weight is down triple digits, my overall energy and health is off the charts, and my performance in the bedroom has become legendary. The trainers are all top notch, especially Matt who’s insistence on the perfect split squat has torqued up my pelvis and chiseled my glutes so that I can’t stop staring at them in the mirror.If you need to get into shape and improve your health, stop putzing around like a loser at GoodLife, make the commitment to yourself and visit KX.
Zoe CoombesZoe Coombes
20:32 04 Dec 23
I can’t say enough good things about this cool, little gym. And I would just be repeating the stream of positive reviews if I simply noted how effective, professional, and motivating the 12-week program is at KX.What I think really sets this gym apart is: good mood.Lifting weights is hard. Trying new things can be intimidating. Navigating past injuries is rarely easy. Committing to better eating habits takes creativity. That said— the atmosphere of this gym is so constructive, intelligent, and cheery above all. Strength training will always be hard work, but getting advice that’s tailored, realistic, and smart helps. In the end, people seem to genuinely connect, and feel good about the work they do at KX. I suppose results speak for themselves. Positive vibes are a natural byproduct of everything else working.If you want the greatest positive change in the most enjoyable, yet focused use of your time, KX does a great job of partnering with you toward greater strength and better health.I don’t know what else I can add, other than, “5 stars”. KX all the way…
Frank CiccFrank Cicc
04:44 28 Nov 23
My review is for both the front Cafe and the personal training. I have been training with the KX team now for 4 months....Next level professional and enthusiastic training in a beautiful boutique gym. Adam Sava and Jon, all successful athletes, have all helped me overcome knee issues from a bike crash, and build full body strength to recommence my training for run and bike. The team monitors and measures your goal progress very precisely to keep you motivated and honest :). They all live and practice their own advice. After workouts, it's easy to unwind in the cafe over coffee and healthy food/shakes - it is obvious that the owner obsessed about the quality of all the offerings. Everyone is friendly and upbeat. I look forward to every training session or just for a coffee and snack. Thanks Team KX !
Lois HanburyLois Hanbury
17:54 27 Nov 23
Can’t say enough good things about KX, from the trainers (especially John), to the chiropractic services (with Eli), to the organic wine and grass fed/finished meat selections… just everything is top notch! Coffee and the smoothies are also very good 👍 Love the ease of a one-stop-shop (including nutritional supplements) for all the essentials/necessities.

KX Coffee & Wine Bar

Your new go-to spot for the finest coffee and wine in Toronto. We’ve carefully selected premium coffee beans from a local Toronto roaster. At KX Coffee & Wine Bar, we prioritize the purity of our offerings, both in coffee and wine. Our Bottle Shop boasts a collection of biodynamic, low-intervention, and natural wines. Crafted without added sulphates and preservatives, these wines embody the truest expression of the grapes—a reflection of the lifestyle we champion at KX.

Discover our market, stocked with everyday essentials sourced from local Ontario companies. From exceptional wines to rich dark chocolates and high-quality nutrients, we ensure that every product meets our stringent standards for quality. Elevate your coffee and wine experience at KX Coffee & Wine Bar—an oasis for those who appreciate the artistry of exceptional beverages. Learn more here.

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